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Welcome Hernando eSchool Students!

If you’ve completed the online driver education course through Hernando eSchool, and have been provided an access code for the Drug & Alcohol Course (Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education (TLSAE) course), or a User ID and Password for the Florida State Permit Test, please proceed by selecting the appropriate course option below.

Links to the Official Florida Drivers Handbook, and a practice Traffic & Road Signs Quiz have been provided for your convenience at the bottom of this page.

FL TLSAE / “Drug and Alcohol Course”,

Enter your Access Code in the “Promotional Code” box at the bottom of the form.

Once you’ve completed the Drug and Alcohol Course (TLSAE) you may access the Florida State Permit Test through the link below.

Take Your Florida Permit Test Online

Returning Students Login Here

  • To register enter your name, phone, date of birth (DOB), etc.. and the pre-paid code given to you into the Promotional Code box at the bottom of the page. You will receive a login code (for example “troy123456fdl”) that will allow you to log back in later if you’re not ready to complete the registration process or take the exam. WRITE THIS CODE DOWN!

  • When logging back into the course you must use the “Returning Students Login Here” link above and use the code provided during the registration that you were instructed to write down.

  • Once your original code has been successfully applied to an account it is no longer valid to be used again.

Florida Official Drivers Handbooks

Traffic & Road Sign Prep Quiz