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SunCoast Traffic School
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 28 reviews
by Payton on SunCoast Traffic School
Amazing school!

Tom is AMAZING! I had driven for years prior, but came from a different state where the tests scheduled out a month in advance, therefore I had never gotten the official license. He was accommodating to what I wanted to do, gave me pointers and honest feedback and I passed the first time! You lose a lot of points for small infractions, and he helps you learn the fine points to ensure success!

by Ethan Fitzsimmons on SunCoast Traffic School
Tom was Amazing Instructor

Just wanted to say Thanks to Sun-Coast Traffic School. Tom, my sons instructor was so patient with him as he learned how to drive. Then Tom practiced the driving test with him several times and he received a perfect score today and received his license. HIGHLY RECOMMEND Tom and Sun-Coast.

by Kristen on SunCoast Traffic School
Driving lessons

Tom was an excellent driving instructor. He gave my daughter everything she needed to pass the test and be a confident driver. I would 100% recommend Suncoast Traffic School.

by Richard Seth Steele on SunCoast Traffic School
Grateful for Suncoast!

At nearly 31 years old, I thought I'd never learn to drive. After completing the 4 hour drug and alcohol course online and studying to the near point of obsession to get my permit, I signed up with Suncoast for three 1 1/2 hour lessons and was instructed by Pam. They were all so pleasant and delightful and were willing to work with me (as I'd never driven a day in my life) and were so patient. Because of Suncoast and a lot more practice, I successfully got my drivers license today, and I owe it all to them. I could not recommend a better place for learning how to drive! THANK YOU!

by Kimberly Tirrell on SunCoast Traffic School

I wish they offered a 6 star review. I am a 30 yrs driving "veteran" and was god smacked at how much the laws have changed since I learned to drive 3 decades ago. The Blesies' give you the tools and they are useful as well as clue you in on the difference in the laws from what you know. Even if you do not get a ticket or court ordered to take the BDI course, I recommend it as a refresher to keep up to date and correct any bad habits one has acquired along the way.

by Hunter Smith on SunCoast Traffic School

Today I passed the driving test all thanks to my amazing instructor Tom!
I learned quick and the hardest part about learning to drive is saying goodbye at the end to your teacher. I’ll miss you Tom! Thank you for making driving fun!

by Nancy Makar on SunCoast Traffic School
So much information!

I attended class with Suncoast Traffic School and I learned so much information. The instructor was excellent, informative and very knowledgable! They were respectful when signing up for the classes and during class. I think we should all be taking these classes if we drive any vehicle on the road. Thank you for increasing my awareness and responsibility to myself and others while driving.

by Mark H. on SunCoast Traffic School
Suncoast Traffic School is Excellent! The Best!!!

SunCoast Traffic School truly is the best! Look no further for your driving school needs! Greg & Judy are caring, knowledgeable, professionals! They go way out of their way to accommodate the needs of their students & parents that ask too many questions (my wife!) I really want to thank Greg for giving our son the confidence he needed to get his license. He was an excellent teacher, provided a no-stress atmosphere to learn in, even adapted some tips and tricks to make driving a smoother experience. I would definitely recommend him to anybody struggling behind the wheel and/or learning to drive!

by bruce barresse on SunCoast Traffic School

I can't say enough good things about this class. The gentleman that conducts it is surprisingly skilled at this. He conducts it in such a way as to be extremely informative and conveys the information in such a way as to really educate you, and does it in such a way as to make it so very enjoyable. He is extremely qualified and I truly believe that NO ONE could equal him at what he does. I can't stress enough how he actually makes it so very enjoyable. So I strongly recommend that if you need, or just want to take this course, that you look no further. I promise you that you come out of his class better informed, be a better driver, and will have thoroughly enjoyed yourself.

Bruce Barresse, a very satisfied student.

by Norma Barriner on SunCoast Traffic School

The driving lessons that my daughter took really helped her become an amazing driver. These lessons taught her everything she needs to know about the road signs and traffic rules. They also prepared her for her drivers test and what she needed to know. She passed her drivers test the first time taking it and almost got a perfect score missing 1 point. Thanks to SunCoast Traffic School she now has her license and is a safe driver.

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