About SunCoast Traffic School

At SunCoast Traffic School, we believe that choosing the right school is an important first step in your future driving success.

Few schools share information about their instructors which we feel is an important step in choosing the right school so here’s some information to help you get to know us.

SunCoast Traffic School (SCTS) Driving (352-279-6489 or 727-255-9855) is currently owned and operated by Jeff and Pam Shimon, of Spring Hill, Florida. They purchased the driving portion of the company and took control August 1, 2022.  The previous owners, Greg and Judy Blesie semi-retired and continue to offer in-classroom and on-line training.

SunCoast Traffic School (SCTS) Classroom and On-line (352-405-2933) is owned and operated by Greg and Judy Blesie of Brooksville, Florida.

SunCoast Traffic School (“SCTS”) was founded in Hernando County in 2001 by Greg and Judy Blesie who moved from Minneapolis, MN in February of 1992 when Greg took a job as the Safety Personnel Manager for the Wal-Mart private fleet in Florida.

Over the next 23 years, Greg served as Director of Driver Management and Safety for an international trucking firm, and as a Regional Safety & Compliance Manager for a large food company with a fleet of more than 5,000 vehicles.

In November of 2014, Greg retired from his corporate safety career to assist in further developing the services offered by SunCoast Traffic School to provide “best in class” behind the wheel training to the motoring public.

With more than 40 years of corporate safety and driver training experience Greg has authored, and implemented numerous driver training processes in a wide variety of fleet types, and has used his knowledge to develop many of the training techniques used at SCTS today.

Many of the instructor certifications Greg attained in the following have been used in developing the training used at SunCoast Traffic School Driving today and include:

  • Advanced Behind the Wheel Driving Instructor – The Smith System
  • The National Safety Council’s 8 and 4 hour Professional Driver Courses
  • Hartford Insurance’s 3D Driving System
  • Liberty Mutual D.R.I.V.E Principles
  • National Safety Council 8 hour Coaching the Professional Truck Driver
  • National Safety Council 4 hour Refresher Course
  • Driver Training Associates 4 hour Basic Driver Improvement Course
  • Driver Training Associates  TLSAE Course
  • Florida Safety Council 32 hour DITCM
  • Florida Safety Council 8 Hour DITCM Refresher Course

His professional credentials include:

  • Certified Safety Management Practitioner (CSMP) – The Institute for Safety and Health Management.
  • American Society of Safety Engineers (A.S.S.E) 15 year member. (Certificate in Safety Management and Executive Certificate in Safety Management)
  • National Safety Council Member.

NEW OWNERS / INSTRUCTORS – Pam – Jeff – Jessica – Janelle (The Shimon Family)

Jeff and Pam Shimon continue using many of these same techniques in operating the company while adding in some of their own experiences from the training they’ve received. Here’s an introductory bio on the new owners as well as the instructors employed with SunCoast Traffic School Driving.

Jeff and Pam, along with their daughters Jessica and Janelle moved from the Pittsburgh, PA area in July of 2018 to Spring Hill, FL. Pam began working as a driving instructor for SunCoast Traffic School Driving in February of 2019 and is still currently instructing as the new co-owner.

Pam brings nearly 40 years of driving experience and a can do attitude from the Pennsylvania and Ohio areas. Pam has driven coast to coast on multiple occasions, has years of experience driving in Hernando County, and has completed the Florida 32 hour DITCM to obtain her state license as a driving instructor.

Jeff served 13 years as a police officer in Ohio. He has 10 years of experience as a Class A CDL hazmat/tanker driver in the oil and gas industry, as well as transporting highly flammable hazardous materials in Florida.

As the new co-owner of SunCoast Traffic School Driving, Jeff is also a state licensed driving instructor having completed the Florida 32 hour DITCM to obtain his state license credentials.

Jessica is the office manager and also a licensed driving instructor. Jessica graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree from the Florida Atlantic University in 2021.

Janelle is currently an Elementary School Teacher for Hernando County. Janelle graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Central Florida in 2021.


In May of 2017, SunCoast Traffic School Driving added a Pasco based instructor to better meet the demand for driving lessons in the area.

Tom and his wife Cindy moved to Florida from the Michigan and Ohio area in 2016 after Tom retired from Police work after a 35 year career. Their daughter, Danielle, is an aspiring stage actress in California.

Having achieved the rank of Sergeant, and being recognized as Police Officer of the Year three times during his career, Tom looks forward to sharing nearly 40 years of driving experience with students, while being able to offer unique tips from a police officer’s perspective. From the reviews page you’ll see that Tom’s easy going nature makes students feel comfortable and confident behind the wheel.


John joined SunCoast Traffic School Driving in September of 2021 after retiring from Fed-X and the Seminole County Sheriff’s Department. John is a native Floridian with an easy going personality that students respond well to. Like Tom, his police background can assist students in understanding a police officers perspective regarding traffic issues as well as how to handle that ever unpleasant traffic stop somewhere down the road so that it’s comfortable and safe for all involved. 

At SunCoast Traffic School Driving we believe our instructors make the difference and we couldn’t be more pleased to have them. With the collective goal of helping students learn to drive safely on the most dangerous roadways in the U.S., we look forward to helping make safe and defensive driving a priority for you and your family members.

Since 2001, it’s been our mission to change the sometimes negative public perception of traffic/driving schools resulting from some in the industry who lack the background and training to be effective. By offering quality training content and ensuring that it’s delivered by qualified and trained instructors, we feel it would be difficult to find a school better qualified to get your friend or family member safely on the road. At SunCoast Traffic School, “We Care About Your Safety”.

Thank you for considering SunCoast Traffic School for your training needs.  We wish you well and look forward to hearing from you in the future.



Florida Licensed and Certified.